You're First !!    

    We're dedicated to helping those on the front line during the                                               Covid Virus Outbreak.

          We're locally owned by and operated by Veterans.

           We're dedicated to  serving our First Responders and                              Essential Personnel and those who help them.

     Doctors, Nurses, Police, Fire and Rescue, EMT, Child Care Providers,                   Food Bank Volunteers, All Essential Personnel.

       WE provide care and support for you so you can be there for those                                                in need.

                      We're putting you First ! 

             In order to serve you we have Partnered up with 

                                    R&R Star Towing!

                    They offer 24 hour Roadside Service! 

                    We will be doing 24 hour a day intake into

                    our shop. So, if you find yourself broken down                                                 somewhere use this link to call:

                                R&R Star at 360 691 3411

        They will bring your car or truck to us at your request.


     We'll take care of your vehicle worry free so you can focus                                          where you need to.



Also on our front line our Active Duty Service members and their families. We also honor those who serve in our community                                                    Reserve and National Guard.


                                 Social Distancing

    Everyone needs reliable transportation. Please, call us to set up a                one on one appointment so we can diagnose, recommend 

           and give you an estimate and a time frame to expect your                                         car or truck returned to you in.

     Appointments guarantee you our undivided attention and a safe                                place to have all your questions answered !

    We're here for you anytime because cars and trucks don’t just                                 break down Monday thru Friday 8 to 5.

                         You can drive it in, or have it towed in.

              Free Diagnostics with  repairs for your convenience.        

              So, give us a call today and schedule an appointment.




               Normal  Business Hours:
MONDAY - FRIDAY          8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

     SATURDAY                     By Appointment

        SUNDAY                              Closed 


                  (360) 653-4700

      16309 Smokey Point Blvd.

        Marysville, WA, 98271



                             E-Mail :


         Our Location

                      Our Services


- Transmission and   Clutch Repairs

- Full Engine Service

- Brake System

- Mechanical Problems


- Scheduled Maintenance


- Commercial Vehicle Service